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I love finding beauty and elegance in the everyday. I do believe in the connection between people that are in love. And I love to reflect it in my work through my camera, with an elegant and atemporal style, telling the story of those in front of me who choose me to portray them.

¿How much costs a wedding photographer and videographer in Switzerland? When you book me, you are choosing me take care of your memories, but also my help and advice all through the journey. Someone that will be friendly, and will make you and your guests  feel comfortable through the day, and that will make things uncomplicated for you. 


And that is the core value of my photography work.

What can you expect from us?

We will be by your side every step of the way and be that much needed helping hand on your big day.


You can count on me to go along with you through the whole process; from advice on your colour palette, or the best hour of the day to do the couple pictures, assisting you organising your guests, picking the right spots and time for group pictures and making sure your veil stays where it should and that everything works out the way you want it to.


My aim is not only to tell your story and capture your emotions and feelings through beautiful and professional pictures, but also to be a third wheel and make things easier and smootheer on a very emotive and stressful day.

Wedding Photography

"But I don't know how to pose..."

And you don't need to! If you are either concerned because you haven't been much in front of the camera or even if this is  your first time, that means you are in the same position as 99% of the couples I have worked with.


Directing you posing, this is part of my job, and you do not need to know anything in advance, I will make everything easier and nice for you. 


I am an easy-going, uncomplicated person who always has a smile on her face, and I take proud in saying that all my clients refer to me as someone that, above all, made them feel comfortable at their wedding.  I make things dynamic and easy, and I can promise you I will make you laugh and enjoy the photo shoot, you will not only get beautiful pictures but also have a good time.

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