I believe in the dual nature of photography: its artistic part, searching for beauty and elegance; and its emotional part, with the purpose of portraying what goes beyond the eye... 


Some facts about me...

- I'm based next to Zürich, in Switzerland, a wonderful place filled with green forests, high mountains, lakes and beautiful landscapes, which makes me feel like home here. I also used to live in the UK, a place that also feels like home to me.

- I love traveling, getting to know other cultures and places wandering the world with my camera, and that's why I also am a Destination Wedding Photographer, as I also do Weddings in Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Italy... and basically, worldwide.


- I love animals, I have cats and I have been a volunteer at different shelters and associations for years. 


- I enjoy art, from drawing or making flower arrangements at home on rainy days or, to spending an afternoon lost in a museum, and I study Art History as a hobby, which also helps me develop my creativity and artistic composition when I'm taking pictures.


- I will not try to fool you, of course, I also love simple and daily things, such as spending an evening watching Netflix with junk food, or having a glass of wine with my friends in a terrace on a sunny afternoon.

- I was once a bride too, actually, not long ago (august 2021) and I did struggle with COVID restrictions and a lot of crazyness related to it when I had my own wedding, so I can relate to your situation, your concerns and worries. Feel free to ask me for help, advice or just blow off some steam. I feel you!


The way I see and do my job...

- I'll say it again: photography is not just my job, but my passion, I just can't say it enough. Making this my only and full time job was probably the best decision I ever made in my whole life and makes me feel so blessed, and I think it makes me better at my job, as I believe there is no better professional than one that truly loves her work.


- Photography has always been a part of my life, and since I got my first camera when I was 19, I haven't stopped taking pictures.

My goal as a wedding and social photographer is to seek the perfect balance between elegant and beautiful pictures, and for them to reflect what goes beyond the human eye, the feelings and emotions that I see (and of course, what the eye can't see), and the story behind them. I want our work to become your living memories, so that every time that you see it, you will remember and relive those precious moments you lived and get to feel the same, I want you to thrill when you see your pictures again, and most of all, I want to exceed your expectations and feel glad to have chosen me.

- I'm always concerned about getting the best out of it, your wedding is a one time thing and there are no second chances, that's why I take my job so seriously. Every year I attend new courses and seminaries to stay updated, I believe continuous learning is essential to be a good professional. I also  keep renewing my equipment every year: I am always seeking the best and latest photography technologies: your camera and equipment doesn't make you a professional but it does help getting high quality results!


The art of making memories and feelings tangible

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