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If you already know that you value your memories, this is your best choice.  We will be starting from your getting ready, first with the groom and after with the bride, and I will capture all the first emotions and tender moments from your big day, with your family and friends. I will leave before you do, in order to arrive soon enough to the wedding venue, and I will be there waiting for you, making sure everything is the way it is supposed to be for your arrival.  


I'm going to be by your side for at least 8 hours, ensuring every significant moment is captured, and trying to let you forget as much as possible that I'm there. I'm always trying to be the least invasive that I can: I want you to live those moments, to enjoy them, I don't want you to be thinking about posing or cameras.


Wedding Photography Packages
Elopement Photographer

I also want you to know that you can rely on me as much as you want, I'm here, willing to help you with anything you may need. 

 I care so much about postproduction that editing a wedding usually takes me days, I put a lot of effort and dedication and treat my pictures as artwork, and I edit them one by one: they will be the memories that you will have from one of the most important days of your life, they deserve to be handled with care.

So, what will you be getting with these packages?

- At least 800 images delivered in high quality, edited one by one and thoroughly, taking the right amount of time for it


- A beautifully crafted wooden box, containing a USB stick with your pictures and 8 prints (three A3 prints for my international clients).

- An elegant online gallery with all your pictures in high resolution, for you to enjoy and share with your guests and family (if you wish)

- A slideshow: a short video with music with the best moments of your biggest day

- A GIF of one of the cutest moments of the two of you

- This packages start from 8 hours coverage, which is the least I recommend you to book for a conventional wedding. We can also adjust this package to fit your requirements: you can add extra hours, either in advance or on the same day.

-Starting from 3900 CHF

*To explore more packages, and see all the options, kindly request my Wedding Brochure


Elopements + intimate weddings

This pack is perfect for you if you are planning an elopement, lasting for around 4 hours and starting from the getting ready, to which you can add extra time if needed; and also for intimate weddings with few guests. 

I can be there from the moment you are getting your hair and make up almost ready, and then, I will be by your side for the ceremony and some time after, so that we capture those emotions and special moments that you will live. 

I love hiking and landscapes, so if you are an adventurous couple that will go on a mountain elopement, or if you are looking for a nice place in the nature to elope, I will be more than happy to join you and be your elopement photographer (and of course, if you need it, help you arrange everything and get you in contact with the perfect providers for that purpose!)


If you want to have a small, intimate elopement in Switzerland and you have no clue about where to go, or how to start, please ask for our brochure for Elopement in the Alps, where you can get packages with the basics, such as a flower bouquet, champagne, a cake, a makeup artist...


We also work with wedding planners, in case you are thinking about a bigger elopement, so please, feel free to ask, we are always happy to help!

elopement zermatt matterhorn wedding-38.jpg

(Civil unions)

If you are having a Ziviltrauung or if your wedding is split in two days, one for the civil ceremony and another one for the big celebration, there is no reason why you should not have some memories from this special day as well. 

Also, if you still have doubts about investing on a professional photographer on your civil wedding day, you can see how worth it it is here:

Civil Wedding photographer Zurich Luzern Basel
Ziviltrauung fotograf Zuerich Civil Wedding photographer Zürich

This is what my package for civil weddings includes:


- Coverage of the Civil Ceremony at the Registry Office (Standesamt) + pictures at the entrance and exit with the guests + couple photo shoot before or after the ceremony (1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours).


- Extra time can be added: I can be at your apero or lunch as well so that you will have some memories of the moving toast that your dad or mum said, cutting a cake or making a  Skype call to those beloved ones that unfortunately live far away.


- +200 edited pictures delivered (but like I said, you can always add more pictures and time).

- Elegant online gallery with your pictures in high resolution + a woodenUSB with your pictures delivered to your home.

- Fridays and Saturdays on peak wedding season have a 5 hours minimum coverage.

- From 1195CHF

Zurich Civil Wedding Photographer

Wedding Album Set

Digital images are useful and easy to share, but for this special occasions, it's always nice to have something else, something material that you can easily show other people, and that will help you travel back to that moment.

For civil unions and photo shoots, you can find small and more simple professional albums.


As for full day weddings, my proposal is this pack of three albums (a main album plus 2 mini replicas), but if you feel like getting just one or maybe a smaller album, please, kindly ask me about it. 

This set includes:


- One 30x25 album + two 24x20 duplicates (three albums)

- 150 pictures (150 pages)

- Hard cover, made with soft material, similar to the touch of peach peel. Available in many different colours

- Your names and the date of the wedding can be embosed on the cover.

- Price: from 695 CHF

Wedding Photography Albums

Photo shoots

Pre Wedding & Engagement

Are you planning to propose to your partner and would like to keep the memories of this moment forever?

Would you like to have nice pictures for your wedding invitations?

Perhaps you just want an  everlasting memory of the two of you in this moment...

A pre wedding photo shoot before your wedding day is a wonderful idea: it's a great way to break the ice, get to know me, see how I work and how your pictures with me will turn out to be, and then, on the wedding day I will no longer be a stranger. 

Your engagement photo shoot pack includes:

Engagement Photographer
Pre Wedding Photographer

- 1h  photo shoot.

- More than 40 edited pictures delivered

- An elegant online gallery from which you can download your pictures in high resolution

- Drone footage

- One GIF of one of the cutest moments of the day

- Location of your choice (ask me if you need help finding the perfect place).

- A FREE outfit and colour guide. Casual clothing or elegant outfits, it's up to you!

-Location advice: we can do it in your city, a park nearby, in your house, in a cozy cafe, by the lake or we can go hiking, to that amazing spot you you already know .

- Price: from 595CHF


Post Wedding

How about having a new chance to get amazing wedding pictures, with that beautiful dress and suit in which you felt gorgeous?

Do you feel like reliving your special day vibes?


Your wedding day will go by so fast, everything will happen so quickly you will almost have no time to notice. Perhaps you're not happy with what you got from that day or maybe the weather wasn't very kind on your wedding, and you want to have some new memories being able to choose a sunny day and out of the stress of such an important day.


Post weddings are meant to be a way to get dazzling pictures that will always remind you of your special day out of your busy wedding day. And it's the perfect excuse to wear your beautiful dress (or maybe jumpsuit) again!


So, why not give that cute gown another go? 

Here is my proposal...

Post Wedding Photographer
Post Wedding Photographer Switzerland

Post wedding packages include:


- 1h - 1h and 30 minutes photo shoot.

- More than 40 edited pictures delivered

- An elegant online gallery from which you can download your pictures in high resolution

- Drone footage (only applies to photo shoots in some areas)

- Location of your choice (ask me if you need help finding the perfect place).

- For post weddings out of Switzerland, please reach out, I travel a lot and your place could be one of my next destinations (or a suitable future one).

- Thinking about albums, prints, party invitations designs? I can help you with it! Ask me about it.

- Prices start from 595 CHF

* All photo shoots and wedding packages require a deposit for the date to be booked. Dates are not reserved or kept under no circumstances without it. 
* Photo shoots taking place on a weekend have a supplement.

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