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Proposal in Zürich, Switzerland

When Wesley messaged me about proposing to his girlfriend in Zürich, I could not be more excited. These two were coming from Texas to visit Switzerland for a week, and he wanted to take the trip as an opportunity to propose to her girlfriend in Zürich. As a wedding photographer, I love to portray all kinds of love, and certainly one of the romantic situations I truly enjoy to immortalise is a proposal, no matter where. A proposal in Zürich may be tough to arrange in the summer, being the town always crowded with tourists and local enjoying the hot weather, so the lake in Zürich was not an option. When my couples trust me, things always work so well, and luckily he did so we found a more private spot for him to propose to his girlfriend in a town like Zürich: one of the most beautiful parks we have here, Belvoir park.

proposal photographer in Zürich Switzerland

I have been to Belvoir park for weddings, post weddings, and maternity photo shoots but it was the first time that I was going there as a photographer to a proposal in Zürich. I also offer to bring some extras to the proposal I do, from a bottle of prosecco to flowers or some decoration, and in this case, the couple wanted to celebrate his engagement with a drink. The park always glows and can be calm and intimate compared to the lake banks, so the location turned out to be perfect and the couple were more than happy with the moment and the result of my work. Always so happy to help organize such a beautiful moment in someone's life, shooting proposals in Switzerland is one of the most wonderful parts of my job!

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Jul 17, 2023

This looks wonderful!! your pictures are all so gorgeous, can’t wait for our wedding with you as our photographer!

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