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Proposal in Lauterbrunnen

Syah and Michelle came from Singapur to visit some friends in Europe, so they seized the opportunity and stopped in Switzerland for a while. However, he had more plans in mind: to perform his proposal in Lauterbrunnen. Syah contacted me months before their trip, as he wanted to find the perfect spot in Lauterbrunnen and the Interlaken area, to ask Michelle the big question. I offered him my advice and knowledge, and some weeks before their arrival, I did some scouting for him. I showed him different spots, with the exact coordinates, from which he chose the one he liked the most, and everything was set. The moment was beyond gorgeous, she said YES, and now they are an engaged happy couple.

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I feel so lucky every time a couple chooses me to be there on such an important day in their lives, to portray their emotions and this beautiful moment, and most importantly, when they tell me how happy they are with the outcome. A proposal in Lauterbrunnen seems like a perfect match for adventurous couples that love nature, mountains and valleys, and these two were so happy with their pictures they even ask me to be their wedding photographer. I hope that you love the pictures too!

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