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Autumn Elopement in Switzerland

As an elopement photographer, I have been fortunate enough to capture some of the most beautiful and intimate moments between couples. Although I usually perform elopement photography in the Bern Oberland, from Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, etc, one experience that stands out in my mind is an elopement that I photographed in a different area in Switzerland, next to a stunning lake, near Zürich. In this blog post, I will share some of the details of this magical day. Béla and Alisa got their civil marriage at the townhall some time ago, and although it was a happy, emotional day, they could certainly enjoy having something more elaborated to celebrate their love.

Switzerland is a beautiful country, and it's no surprise that many couples choose to elope here. This ceremony was not an exception: they got re married next to a breathtaking lake, surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. The location was peaceful and serene, providing the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony (frei trauung). The lake they chose for their elopement is near Zürich, only 40 minutes away, in the region of canton Schwyz. The lake is easy to access by car, no need to take a gondola, which makes it easier to bring in decorations and the beautiful setting that they had. The bride got ready by Flor Bustos, a professional make up artists and hairstylist specialised in elopements and weddings. The outstanding flower decorations were done by Stil und Stiele, a wonderful flower atelier from Zürich, that elaborates breathtaking flower arrangements. The dress was a piece of the handmade, haute couture brand Zolotas, coming from Greece, and being a beautiful boho add t add to any elopement in the mountains.

Intimate Ceremony

The couple opted for an intimate ceremony, with just the two of them and a handful of close family members. They exchanged vows and rings next to the lake, with the sound of water lapping at the shore in the background. It was a beautiful and emotional moment, and I felt privileged to be there to capture it.

Elopement ceremonies are usually briefer, but can be even more emotional than a traditional one, and the beautiful swiss mountains on the background always make an alpine elopement so romantic.

As an elopement photographer, my goal is to capture the love and connection between the couple, along with the natural beauty of the location. In this case, the lake in Schwyz and the surrounding swiss scenery provided a stunning backdrop for the couple's portraits. We took advantage of different angles and lighting to create a variety of images that truly captured the essence of the day. I hope that you like them!

Other providers:

Bridal jewels: Lilien Brautschmuck

Cake: Angie Patissiere

Organization: Elopement in the Alps


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