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Autumn couple photoshoot by a lake, Zürich

Autumn is a beautiful season, with the changing colors of leaves, cooler temperatures, and a sense of romance in the air. Mishelle and Juanjo's couple photoshoot by the lake in Zurich perfectly captured the essence of the season and their love for each other.

As professional photographers, we always strive to create unique and unforgettable experiences for our clients. When Mishelle and Juanjo contacted us for a couple photoshoot, we knew right away that we wanted to take advantage of the beauty of the autumn season. The changing colors of leaves, the crisp air, and the stunning scenery of the lake made for the perfect backdrop for their fall couple photoshoot.

We began the photoshoot by walking along the lake's shore, with the couple holding hands and sharing sweet moments. The golden leaves and the soft sunlight created a magical atmosphere, and we took advantage of every opportunity to capture the couple's love for each other.

As we moved towards the edge of the lake, we were struck by the reflection of the trees and the mountains in the calm water. Mishelle and Juanjo's love for each other was palpable, and we couldn't help but be inspired by their joy.

We then moved to a nearby bridge, where we captured some of the most stunning images of the couple. The rust-colored leaves and the clear blue sky added a touch of magic to their fall couple photoshoot, and we were thrilled with the results.

In conclusion, Mishelle and Juanjo's couple photoshoot by the lake in Zurich was a true testament to the beauty of the autumn season and the power of love. We are grateful to have been a part of their special moment and to have captured their love for each other in these timeless photos. Mishelle and Juanjo wanted to do something special for their anniversary, so I advised them on the location, and also on the outfit and style, both things always included in my photoshoot price. Their beautiful dog, Lucca, joined us and together we got this lovely autumn vibes. This is what they say about their experience:

"Gloria is fantastic in every way! We did a couple session with her and we couldn't be more delighted with her work and her company. We always recommend it and we already have in mind to repeat more sessions"


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