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A dreamy elopement in the desert

Have you ever dreamt about escaping from everything and having the elopement of your dreams in a movie-like scenario? Do you feel like turning your wedding into an adventure that you will always remember? 


When you know it's the one, it has to be. Movie-like romances deserve movie-lie weddings, and believe me, there is no better place to be married than the one where you two have always dreamt. Although as a wedding photographer from the north of Spain, and living in Switzerland, I'm all in for green, flowery, mountain view elopements, I have to see the desert really has a thing for elopements. And wherever and adventurous couple wants to elope, here I am, almost as excited as they are about it!


Yadira and Romen are one of those couples whose feelings are so genuine you can tell how much they love each other from the first minute you see them.


It was love at first sight and you can easily tell by seeing them together.


The bride was wearing a beautiful dress that from a designer in Barcelona. The make up was very subtle except for the eyeshadow, which made her eyes glow. Simple, but still outstanding.


The groom was not one for conventional suits, so he wore something more casual to the wedding.


All those feels that the desert evokes. The wonderful sunsets, the colours, the sand dunes, the warm breezes on your face...


So, a very intimate ceremony takes place, and here we go: bride and groom, into wife and husband, until death do us part.

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